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Speakers 2012


Kris Gopalakrishnan - Co-founder & Chairman, Infosys


Stephen Wiener - Founder & CEO, Cineworld


Harvey Jacobson - Chairman, Jacobson Group


Josephine Fairley - Founder, Green & Blacks


Julie Meyer - Founder and CEO, Ariadne Capital


Asif Rangoonwala - Founder, Powerboat P1


Melody Hossaini - Founder, InspirEngage


Alexander Schlaubitz - EMEA Marketing Director, Facebook


Anthony Thomson - Co-founder Metro Bank


Hussein Lalani - Co-founder, 99p Stores


Michelle You - Co-founder, Songkick


Ravi Rajagopal - Head of Business Development, Diageo


Faisal Butt - Managing Partner, Hamilton Bradshaw Real Estate


Sarah Wood - Co-founder, Unruly


Emma Sinclair - Founder and CEO, Target Parking



Previous Speakers:


"This conference is all about the entrepreneurs of tomorrow, so I was delighted to be asked to speak. The quality and quantity of the debate left me in no doubt that the future for Entrepreneurship - which is so vital to our economic wellbeing - is a bright one."


Edward Wray

Co-founder and Chairman of Betfair

"I couldn't help but be enthused by the large group of curious, energetic and engaged young people. It was fun."


John Pluthero

Former CEO Cable & Wireless



"May this brilliant initiative go from strength to strength"



Lord Karan Bilimoria

Founder of Cobra Beer